An Introduction to Double or Nothing Poker Tournaments

Published on March 22, 2009 at 08:38
An Introduction to Double or Nothing Poker Tournaments

Are you interested in playing double or nothing tournaments? Here is a guide to these poker games that will help you improve your game.

Double or nothing poker tournaments, a new development in online poker competition, are all the rage these days. But how exactly are these tournaments played when there is no prize structure with different levels in a double or nothing tournament?

Essentially a double or nothing tournament has ten players participating, and the last five players in the game get twice their buy in amount. The other five players get nothing at all, and this feature gives this type of tournament its name. Staying in the game is the key to success in a double or nothing tournament; it does not matter whether you have the highest chip count, as long as you are in the first five.

Advantages of Double or Nothing Poker Tournaments

The best part of a double or nothing tournament is the fact that you will win even in fifth place, whereas you have to make it at least to third place position to get cash in other kinds of tournaments. Also, even beginners to the game of poker have a good chance of doing well in this kind of tournament, and it is a good way to build up a bankroll, and to develop the skills required for multi tabling. Try one out yourself at


Double or Nothing Tournament Strategy

There are some basic points you should bear in mind if you want to win at a double or nothing tournament. The most fundamental point is that you should remember to play only good starting hands; this is not the kind of tournament in which risky play is profitable.

If your hand is worth playing, it is a good idea to raise to about thrice the size of the big blind. If the pot has been raised by one of your opponents, you should raise again. You will find that many players tend to fold their cards instead of running the risk of losing their chips - and you will have a good chance of being an eventual winner.

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In double or nothing

In double or nothing tournaments half of the entrants double their original buy-in and the other half lose it. As you can see the payout structure is much different than most tournaments because so many people cash and there is no difference in amount between the first place finisher and the last place. This very different payout structure brings with it a very different strategy that you should implement when you are playing in double or nothing tournaments. || Online Casino Slots

Poker tournament

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