Blaze Poker Strategy

Published on February 26, 2013 at 04:56
Written By Jack Watson
Blaze Poker Strategy

Blaze Poker is the latest fast action poker game launched by VC Poker.  It is VC Poker’s version of Zoom Poker on PokerStars or Rush Poker as known elsewhere.

Blaze Poker offers poker players a fantastic opportunity to play more hands in a shorter period of time.  This means that they can get in more practice and also earn more profit in a much shorter session than previously possible.

However, since the player is moved to a new table when they fold, the dynamics of play also change dramatically.  For example, the ability to develop reads on your opponents diminishes greatly as you will not be on the same table as that opponent all the time.  In addition, the Quick Fold button means that after you have folded the hand and have started another, you will not be sitting around watching the action anymore to see how the hand plays out.  This is great for saving time, but it is not so great for getting reads. 

This latest and very exciting concept of poker means that players will often worry about how best to compensate for their lack of knowledge about their opponents on the internet felt and many players see this as a threat, viewing it as a frightening prospect.  While this is true, a winning player will turn the tables on their opponents and reverse the situation.  A thinking player understands that his opponents are also at a disadvantage against him, as they lack information of his play due to the nature of Blaze Poker outlined above.  Therefore, he will take advantage of his opponents’ lack of information to exploit them every chance he gets. 

A good way to do this is to become extremely aggressive.  The players at the table won’t know that you have been betting and raising constantly and representing the nuts every hand.  At a normal table, you would be quickly identified as a fish and become an easy target.  However, at a Blaze Poker table, your opponents will not figure out what you are doing quite a fast, giving you a great opportunity to exploit their lack of knowledge about you in order to make a hefty profit.