Full Tilt Poker Introduces Multi-Entry Tournaments

Published on January 18, 2011 at 15:32
Written By Jack Watson
Full Tilt Poker Introduces Multi-Entry Tournaments

Full Tilt Poker has brought another great innovation to the game of online poker – Multi-Entry Tournaments.

This new format allows a single player to register in the same tournament multiple times.  This feature makes it possible to “multi-table” the same tournament.

Each entry will be seated at a different table with its own starting chip stack and be dealt its own hand.

When the tournament gets to the later stages and you still have multiple entries in play, the software merges two of your entries into one by combining the stacks.  This prevents a player having two entries seated at the same table.

Multi-Entry Tournaments are a great way to play a lot of big multi-table tournaments at the same time rather than having to sit around waiting for another one to get going.

This is a great innovation that once again takes online poker to the next level.