Gus Hansen Wins Full Tilt Poker’s UKIPT Heads Up Challenge

Published on August 07, 2013 at 04:07
Written By Andrew Robertson
Gus Hansen Wins Full Tilt Poker’s UKIPT Heads Up Challenge

Gus Hansen has claimed another tournament title when he finished first at Full Tilt Poker’s UKIPT Galway Festival’s UK vs. Ireland Heads Up Challenge event.

Gus Hansen, aka “The Great Dane”, isn’t English or Irish as his moniker suggests. However, with the poker superstar and Full Tilt Professional on location, it doesn’t seem like anyone cared too much about which team he played for. In fact, in the end, Hansen represented both the English team and the Irish team, winning his games on both sides of the fence.

The event was played heads up and featured 32 players in total, consisting of 16 players on the English team and 16 players on the Irish team. By the end of the day, which saw the final four decided, the Irish were completely eliminated. However, on day 2, Hansen, who so far had won all three of his matches, switched allegiance to become an Irishman, in the hope that the legendary “luck of the Irish” would take him all the way to the championship. Gus proceeded to deck himself out in a massively oversized green hat to remove any doubt about his latest national affiliation.

The switch worked, with Hansen beating Max Silver in the semi final. In the final, Hansen beat Dave Nicholson to win the title and €16,151 in prize money. Decked out in some fancy Irish garb, Hansen was able to claim the title for the Irish, even though, the English won overall with a final score of 44 to 36.

The score was a small one for Hansen, who has won over $11 million in lifetime tournament earnings. However, it was great for him to participate in the Full Tilt tournament for the love of the game and to give fans an opportunity to see him in action at a much smaller venue than usual. 

At the end of the day, Gus Hansen can add another hard won poker tournament title to his trophy room and a bit of spending money to his pocket.