Jim Collopy Tilts Gus Hansen; WSOPE Heads-Up Final Postponed

Published on September 24, 2010 at 18:55
Written By Gavin Carter
Jim Collopy Tilts Gus Hansen; WSOPE Heads-Up Final Postponed

Jim Collopy’s battle with a tilted Gus Hansen in the WSOPE Final has been postponed; the two are tied with a win each.

Both players are taking part in the WSOPE Main Event and have now had to delay their one-on-one battle in order to continue Main Event play.

Their heads-up battle has taken longer than expected and they both have a win apiece after a grueling 12 hours of play.

Gus Hansen would win their 1st battle, storming to victory over the young Collopy.

In the 2nd battle, it looked like it may be more of the same all over again.  This time was different Collopy would fight back with the short stack and eventually catch some luck on a big all in hand to get even.

This time around, it was the Great Dane, who got a taste of his own medicine with a tough beat as he was on the verge of winning the title and his 1st ever WSOP bracelet.  With a big chip lead, he would get the money all in with KK to Collopy’s AQ.  An Ace would hit on the flop and their stacks would be drawn even with the blinds looming larger now.

Hansen, who hit a two outer to save his tournament life against Phil Ivey, would become visibly frustrated by the bad luck and would go on tilt although their stacks were only now back to even.

Hansen would tilt away the rest of the game, raising a 9h6s5s flop when Collopy fired out.  Hansen would then fire another barrel on a 5 turn and fire a third barrel when the river brought another 5.  Collopy check called the whole way, to show K9 on the river for a full house.  Hansen mucked and round #2 was all but over for the tilted Dane.

The final game of the best of three has now been postponed indefinitely.  Both players are in the Main Event and then their tournament schedule for the rest of September and October is busy. 

If both go bust early in the Main Event, there may be a chance for them to get in the final session and wrap this up.