Julian Thomas Wins WPT Prague Main Event

Published on December 24, 2013 at 02:44
Written By Jack Watson
Julian Thomas Wins WPT Prague Main Event

Julian Thomas has won his first major event at the World Poker Tour Prague 2013 Main Event. He took home €283,327 or around $385,000 and a massive trophy for his big result.

The German would have to defeat 305 other entrants who each paid €3,300 in order to take home the prize. 

The final table was a European affair with players hailing from Germany, Russia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Lithuania and Serbia.

Julian Thomas came into the final table in third place in chips, trailing the chip leader and Belarussian player Vasili Firsau. In second place at the start of the final table was the Russian Andrey Shatilov.

These three players would remain to the end, when they would all become entangled in the tournament’s deciding hand. The hand would play out with Thomas raising the pot, Shatilov, the short stack at the table, would three bet shove all in. Firsau, who woke up with pocket Jacks, four bet shoved all in. However, he would be extremely unfortunate when Thomas came along for the ride, showing pocket Aces which eliminated Shatilov who held Queen Ten suited and crippled Firsau. With only 8 big blinds remaining, Firsau didn’t have much of a chance to make a recovery and was eliminated two hands later when he ran into Thomas’ AK.

For his third place finish, Andrey Shatilov took home €116,982.

Vasili Firsau, who was bitterly disappointed with his bad fortune, took home €185,796. For Firsau, this is the second time in several months that he would finish in second place. At the previous WPT event in Paris in October, he also finished in second place and took home €230,200. Hopefully the cash prizes help make up for the close brushes with victory.

Congratulations to Julian Thomas on his first major win and World Poker Tour victory.