Pacific Poker - Lets Get Her

Published on May 28, 2009 at 05:00
Pacific Poker - Lets Get Her

At Pacific Poker, a player can win a prize of $250 just for defeating a beautiful female poker star. "A Por Ella" is Pacific Poker's excellent opportunity for its poker players to match their wits against those of's top poker pro, Leo Margets.

Poker players who are interested in getting richer by $250 have an exciting opportunity at Pacific Poker. They have to play with a beautiful Spanish female poker player-Leo Margets-and defeat her. While this may sound simple, it isn't so for Leo Margets is not a tame kitten in the poker jungle-she is a roaring tigress. The winner of this special poker tournament, or "A Por Ella" as it is called, wins not only $250, but also a chance to play another "A Por Ella."

Leo Margets

Leo Margets is a rare combination of beauty and poker cunning. She began her poker career by winning a cool €5,000 at the University League. Currently, she is one of's finest professional poker players. Her username for "A Por Ella" is LEO.

A Por Ella

Pacific Poker hosts the "A Por Ella" tournament on a weekly basis. The event is conducted on Thursdays at 19:00 GMT for a buy-in fee of $10 plus $1. Interested poker players can participate in this event by clicking on the Multi Tab option. The talented player who successfully knocks Leo Margets off the table will win a bounty of $250. In addition, the bounty winner as well as the winner of "A Por Ella" wins another chance to play "A Por Ella." This time, a bounty prize of $50 will be placed on their head. These bounties make the tournament very lucrative and exciting.

Interested in playing with and defeating a lovely female poker star? Register at Pacific Poker as early as possible to win that attractive prize of $250.