Party Poker - 50 Seat Frenzy

Published on April 23, 2009 at 09:06
Party Poker - 50 Seat Frenzy

50-seat Frenzy, a Party Poker promotion, is the passport for another mega Party Poker tournament, the $300,000 Guaranteed Sunday! To grab their share of the fabulous prize pool of the $300K Guaranteed Sunday, poker players must qualify and win the 50-seat Frenzy.

50-seat Frenzy, an exciting poker tournament, is a Party Poker promotion to the $300k Guaranteed Sunday Event, where talented poker players stand to win attractive cash prizes. As Party Poker puts in, "the 50 seats to the $300,000 Guaranteed Sunday must be won." And that's how the 50-seat Frenzy comes into the picture. The idea is to emerge as one of the top 50 players in the 50-seat Frenzy and win a seat to the $300k Guaranteed Sunday.

This exciting promotion is organized every Saturday, enabling 50 players to grab seats for the $300k Guaranteed Sunday poker tournament.

3 Ways to Qualify for the 50-seat Frenzy

Smart poker players can qualify for the 50-seat Frenzy in 3 exciting ways-country-specific freerolls, 50-seat Frenzy Qualifiers, and direct buy-ins to the 50-seat Frenzy event.

Country-specific Freeroll: Party Poker organizes country-specific freerolls almost everyday, in which players can participate as per their country. Those wishing to qualify must emerge as one of the top 10 players of one of these freerolls.

50-seat Frenzy Qualifiers: Party Poker organizes 2 qualifiers every Saturday morning. For a buy-in of just $2, poker players can participate in these qualifiers and win a seat for the 50-seat Frenzy.

Direct Buy-ins: This is the simplest way to qualify for the $300k Guaranteed Sunday. Poker players can get a direct buy-in to the 50-seat Frenzy and emerge as a top player.

The top 50 players of the 50-seat Frenzy win a golden opportunity to participate in the $300k Guaranteed Sunday poker event of Party Poker. The event promises great fun and fabulous cash prizes.

Poker players who want to know more can head over to Party Poker immediately and read the terms and conditions of the 50-seat Frenzy promotion. Participate in the 50-seat Frenzy and win a chance to grab the fabulous jackpot of the $300k Guaranteed Sunday!