PartyPoker Introduces New Poker Game - Double Hold’em

Published on October 15, 2010 at 18:31
Written By Gavin Carter
PartyPoker Introduces New Poker Game - Double Hold’em

PartyPoker has introduced an exciting new poker game to their site called Double Hold’em.

This is a great game for poker players looking to play a different type of poker without having to learn a new set of rules and way of playing.

Double Hold’em is a simple variation of the popular Texas Hold’em poker game with the same betting rounds and the same rules governing the flop, turn and river.

So what’s new?

In Double Hold’em you get dealt three hole cards in your starting hand instead of two.

Once the flop is dealt, you must select a “point” card and that moves to the center of your three cards.  Each of your remaining two cards will now form a hand with your point card, so you in effect have two poker hands to play with. 

Here is a quick example, say you are dealt Ac4c5s and the flop comes 6cKc3s. 

You will select the 4c to be your point card. 

That way, you will have a nut flush draw hand with the Ac4c hand. 

In addition, you will have an open-ended straight draw with the 4c5s hand. 

You have two great draws that give you two different ways to win the hand.

Once the flop is dealt and you must select your point card.  Once selected, it cannot be changed later in the hand.

The rest of the hand plays out like a regular game of Hold’em.

Fishy Action!

PartyPoker has already been branded online poker’s fishiest poker room through a database records analysis by PokerTableRatings which says that only 7% of the players at Party are winners – the lowest on the internet!

Double Hold’em is a game that is set to attract the fish that are looking for something new to do and want to receive an extra card to increase their chances of getting lucky.

Also, since this is a brand new game weaker players will not be able to adjust quickly to the rule changes and new hand strengths, thereby giving smart players an edge.

Playing with a 3rd card also means that players will now have an extra hand to chase with in the hope of getting lucky.

A Few Tips

Having three cards in your starting hand means that big draws become very important. 

A nut flush draw or three connected cards for a straight draw are very valuable hands.  In addition, three big face cards are great for flopping top two pair or a broadway straight.

You will need to adjust to the increased strength needed to win a hand.  With players having two hands, you are now potentially against twice the number of opponents, so with a big multi-way pot, you will want a big hand by the river.

Also, more players will be seeing a flop so that will also make top pair top kicker hands and overpair hands a lot tougher to win with.

Get Ready for a Wild Ride

This game is guaranteed to produce a lot of action and wild swings.  It will put the fish in good gambling spirits and it’ll be a wild ride.

Good players who make intelligent starting hand decisions and have the patience and temperament to handle the bad beats will find this game very profitable.

If you don’t have a PartyPoker account as yet, Double Poker may be the best reason to give the fishiest online poker site a try. 

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Remember, the best way to win at poker is to play against the worst players in the world!