Re-Raising Pre-Flop in No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker

Published on September 16, 2010 at 15:29
Written By Gavin Carter
Re-Raising Pre-Flop in No Limit Texas Hold’em Poker

The re-raise has become increasing popular and common as today’s No Limit Texas Hold’em poker games become more and more aggressive. 

Re-raising is also known as 3 betting and there are various reasons to add this weapon to your bag of tricks as you look for ways to improve your game.

The most common reasons for re-raising are:

For Value

The most common and obvious reason for using a 3 bet is one that all players understand.  You hold the best hand and want to maximize your winnings by getting more money into the pot.  This is a common move with big hands like AA, KK and AK, as well as QQ and JJ depending on your opponent.

To Steal Pots

A re-raise is a good choice if you know that the player who raised the pot will often run scared and fold when you re-raise.  By raising him, you are often able to take down the blinds and his raise uncontested as the other players will find it hard to continue in the pot after a raise and re-raise were made in front of them.

There are some players who fold to 3 bets religiously unless they hold all but the very best hands.  These players are easy targets and a good source of cash.

To Defend Your Blinds

It is essential to re-raise from the blinds when you pick up on players who are using their late position to steal your blinds on a regular basis.  Re-raising from the blinds once or twice will make the button raiser tighten up and you will send the message that your blinds are not free money for them to take as they wish.

To Get the Pot Heads Up

If a fishy player has raised the pot ahead of you, you may want to re-raise in order to keep other players at the table out of the pot and see the flop heads up with the fish.  This way, you have him all to yourself!

The re-raise is a powerful tool that will win you a lot of extra cash at the tables if you use it wisely and pick your spots.