Ryan Riess Wins WSOP Championship

Published on November 19, 2013 at 02:26
Written By Andrew Robertson
Ryan Riess Wins WSOP Championship

Ryan Riess has won the World Series of Poker Main Event and $8.4 million. 

Riess, a Michigan native, is a 23 year old poker professional. He was the youngest player at the final table and showed his ability at the table by taking down the title.

Riess bested a massive field of 6,352 players, who each paid $10,000 each to try their luck and forever change their fortunes.

Riess’ final test came in the form of Jay Farber, a 29 year old amateur poker player and VIP club promoter who almost went all the way in a Chris Moneymaker styled run through a minefield of top pros. As the least experienced player at the final table, he turned heads with his amazing result.

The two finalists were responsible for eliminating all of the competition at the table, with Riess taking out four players and Farber removing the other three.

Farber won $5.2 million for his remarkable finish. He has already announced that he plans to buy a house, a Ferrari and an Aston Martin with the prize money.

Riess, who wore a Calvin Johnson Detroit Lions jersey, was very modest about his big win, admitting that “Everyone was playing really solid and the cards ran my way today."

Riess is already planning a full schedule of big buy in tournaments for 2014 in which he will be selling some action.