Unlimited Cash Rewards at Paddy's Cashpoint

Published on March 04, 2010 at 16:52
Unlimited Cash Rewards at Paddy's Cashpoint

Paddy Power Poker have hopped aboard the March online promotions bandwagon with their latest cash giveaway, Paddy's Cashpoint.

Paddy's Cashpoint promotion promises unlimited cash awards available to players during March.  Players need to accumulate at least one hundred Paddy Points (player points) on 10 separate days during the promotion to earn a cash prize, while players who accumulate at least one Paddy Point on 10 days will gain entry into a $2,000 Freeroll.

The more Paddy Points earned during Paddy's Cashpoint the better, with the size of the cash prize directly proportional to the amount of points accumulated and no limit placed on the maximum amount awarded. 

The promotion runs from midnight on March 3rd through to midnight on March 31st, giving players a full 28 days to accumulate Paddy Points, earn a cash reward and gain entry to the freeroll tournament.

Ed note: Join Paddy Power Poker now and withdraw some cash from Paddy's Cashpoint!