VC Poker Launches Blaze Poker

Published on December 27, 2012 at 16:53
Written By Jack Watson
VC Poker Launches Blaze Poker

VC Poker has launched an exciting version of the fast action poker game called Blaze Poker.  Blaze Poker is VC Poker’s version of Rush Poker or Zoom Poker as it is popularly known on other networks.

Blaze Poker is all about keeping the player in the action at all times and offering fast-paced poker excitement on demand.

Blaze Poker rules are the same as regular poker rules for games such as No Limit Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha.  However, the unique feature that makes Blaze unique is the addition of a “Quick Fold” button.  Once a player decides to Quick Fold, the player will be moved to another table and be dealt a new hand instantly.  This cool feature eliminates the wait time that players normally experience after folding a hand while waiting for other players to continue to play out the hand.  

The ability to immediately move to a new table is done by pooling all Blaze players into a large pool, where those who have folded are all reassigned to a new table and dealt a new hand instantly.

In Blaze Poker, the blinds are assigned to those players who have played the longest without posting any blinds, which ensures that the process is handled fairly.

Players will notice that they can now play way more hands in less time with Blaze.  Only have five minutes for a poker quickie?  Then Blaze is the right option for you to get in dozens of hands.  Playing more hands in less time also means that Action Points and bonus rewards can be earned much faster.  In addition, players can play multiple tables of Blaze at the same time, if they have the speed and the stamina to handle upping the ante on the fast paced action.

Are you ready to jump into a fast-paced game of Blaze Poker?  Blaze Poker can be found in the left hand menu tab of the software directly under the Cash Game tab.  Play fast and play hard!